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Correcting The Settled Science

September 21st 2014 23:32

Pop quiz is the global sea ice above or below average this month? If you would ask the normal person on the street that would even say that there is an ice free Arctic this year. The truth is that there is about half a million more square miles of sea ice compared to the last 30 years.
Proof you say? Check out the below graph Cryosphere Today, from the University of Illinois.

What about the claim that Arctic is headed toward an iceless summer? What if I told you that there is more Arctic ice now than in 2007? Again I have satellite proof as opposed to uninformed or biased journalists, who rely on spin for their reports.

So why so much misinformation out there? Environmentalists let "one world" radicals hijack their movement thinking that the big tent approach would lead to more awareness of their issues. The opposite is true however, the more mistrust from the misleading data the more the general public will not believe the real environmental issues that we face.

Why also would climate scientists falsify data like they have been caught doing three times in the last year? Global economic slowdown has caused many governments to reduce the number of grants that they might have approved in the past. These grants are usually the projects that have high public attention. Climate science has been in the news a lot so those are the studies that are getting approved. If a scientist asks for research money to study the Ruby Throated Hummingbird for instance, chances are that his funding would be denied. If they however., added the words " how climate change affects the Hummingbird," then the chances are greatly increased the funding will be approved.

The information is out there it is up to all of us to question authority and to educate ourselves.


The FDA announced Friday that starting October 6th, any combination of hydrocodone acetaminophen drugs will be moved from a Class III to the most restrictive Class II list.

What does this many for patients? Class three medications can be refilled five times in six months. Class II medications cannot be refilled without physician approval.

The move comes as narcotic addiction and forgeries continue to be huge problems in the United States

Read more about the new regulation here

The SEC Network is one of the most anticipated new sports channels to ever be introduced into the cable and satellite market. Revenues and ratings are expected to double that of similar networks from other NCAA conferences.

Dish Network was the first major provider to ink a deal with the new network and is the only one to promise to have coverage on day one of the release in August.

I full expect all of the other major providers to sign on soon as anyone left on the outside without a deal could see a tremendous loss of subscribers.

I will have all of the channels listed here when announced.

Right now Cox Communications has posted that the SEC Network will be on 316 with the HD broadcast on 1316
DirecTV channel 611
Dish Network 404
Charter 34 and 311(HD)


The 64 team 2014 NCAA baseball tournament bracket has been released. Good luck to your favorite school

[ Click here to read more ]

Follow the links to print out a bracket or follow the scores live with the interactive bracket. Good luck to your favorite team!

Interactive bracket
[ Click here to read more ]

Disney's Frozen is a really good story with a great soundtrack. My only wish is that they would use more orginal storylines as opposed to fracturing classic fairy tales. Frozen, like The Little Mermaid, is a darker short story by Hans Christian Anderson.

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candy crush saga farm heroes kindle fire hd apps android

It looks like King Digital has another hit on their hands. Farm Heroes Saga is the followup to the hugely successful Candy Crush Saga app. The success of CCS has the company looking to go public very soon as CCS generates over 1 million a day in revenue, not bad for a free app

[ Click here to read more ]

List of J.C. Penney Stores Closing

January 15th 2014 22:12
The retail market is changing very quickly to an online market with the latest casualty being long time department store chain, J.C. Penney who just announced that they are closing 33 underperforming stores and laying off 2,000 employees.

List of stores closing

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It's no secret to those that know me that I have a fondness for the offbeat wacky attractions. I've been known to drive hours out of my way to see attractions like the largest pine cone in the U.S. or the national mustard museum.

It's a shame that this latest must see is more than a short drive from me. Hopefully they will build the world's largest refrigerator to keep it open year round

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